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Liquid metal Sporting Goods and Leisure Products

Taking advantage of a revolutionary class of next generation super alloys originally launched in golf clubs in 1998, Liquid metal Technologies is expanding its presence in the sporting goods arena. With premier PGA TOUR players, like Paul Azinger, touting the materials' performance as a major technology breakthrough, the prolific launch of Liquid metal Golf allowed scientists and engineers to better understand the properties of the alloys as they relate to a variety of sporting/leisure industry equipment needs.

Sports and leisure industries are quick to adopt and exploit new materials, notably titanium. These industries usually also require lighter and stronger products. Some of the characteristics making Liquid metal alloys ideal for high-performance sporting goods are:

Pure Energy TransferTM with less vibration
Excellent inherent low frequency vibration damping
10 times as elastic as comparable super metals
Nearly 3 times the strength of its counterparts with superior weight advantages
2-3 times more resistant to permanent deformation than conventional metals
Ideal mid-range density between titanium and steel
More than twice the hardness of titanium and stainless steel
Superior edge retention and wear resistance
Stain and rust proof
Ability to net-shape cast very complex and unique designs

With a myriad of possibilities for manufacturing opportunities due to Liquid metal alloys out-performing existing product configurations, Liquid metal alloys also have a visible point of difference with the surface finish that can be high-polished with intricate designs and shapes not possible with other materials. This is truly a design-engineers' dream to be able to create the most innovative, unique and exciting designs that out-perform other metals. The Liquid metal revolution in materials science will soon be found in the forefront of design centers throughout the world, with measurable performance benefits never before realized. Liquid metal Technologies is working on development agreements with several major sporting goods manufacturers, where potential applications include:

Golf Clubs
Tennis Rackets
Baseball and Softball Bats
Skis and Snowboards
Scuba Gear
Guns and Gun Equipment
Fishing Equipment
Marine Applications

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