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With the unique and revolutionary characteristics of Liquidmetal® alloys, Liquidmetal® Technologies is developing products for use throughout the medical industry with better performance results than existing materials. One of the key opportunities is in the field of orthopedics, where Liquidmetal alloys enable superior wear resistance, exceptional component strength, improved manufacturability and control of surface texture during the casting process.

Liquidmetal alloys' unique properties for orthopedic field include:

Excellent wear resistance
High strength-to-weight ratio compared to titanium and/or stainless steel
More than twice the strength compared to titanium or stainless steel
Ability to precision net-shape cast allowing significant reduction in post-processing

Some of the products taking advantage of these improvements include reconstructive devices, fractured fixations, spinal implants and instrumentation.

Another opportunity for our revolutionary materials is in the field of ophthalmic surgery, where procedures and instruments are being enhanced to better serve patients in need of cataract surgery.

Liquidmetal alloys can yield surgical blades that are:

Sharper than steel
Less expensive than diamond
Lower edge degradation with use
Longer lasting blades that provide more consistency in use

These are only a few of the categories within the medical industry that lend themselves to utilizing Liquidmetal alloys as a superior substitute for other materials currently being used.

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