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Liquid metal - Armacor Coatings

Liquid metal - Armacor Coatings is the trade name of a complete line of alloy coatings for industrial equipment and machinery that provide the benefits of an amorphous surface in tough environments of high wear, temperature and corrosion. Liquid metal-Armacor Coatings will significantly extend part life. From the wall of a refinery coker to the firebox of a 1500MW utility boiler, to drill pipe exploring for oil thousands of feet beneath the earth's surface, industry relies on Liquid metal - Armacor Coatings to provide dependable, economical solutions to equipment wear.

Some of the benefits are:

• Superior bond strengths without the use of bond coat
• Withstands repeated thermal cycling
• Excellent hardness at elevated temperatures
• Excellent thermal conductivity
• Application via twin wire arc spray at 25lbs./hour
• Hardness exceeding all other sprayable wires
• Maintain tube systems on-site avoiding high replacement costs

What is Liquid Metal?

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