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One of the latest industries to discover the unique and innovative qualities of Liquid metal alloys is the fine jewelry industry. Liquid metal alloys are essentially "metallic glass" and can achieve a stunning surface finish that is attracting the attention of high-end jewelry makers worldwide. The revolutionary properties of Liquid metal alloys also provide strength, processing and finishing advantages never before possible with other high-performance metals. Among the qualities Liquid metal alloys offer the jewelry industry are:

Timeless lifecycle due to superior hardness and scratch resistance
Precision net-shape casting capability
Ability to be polished to a luxurious finish
Strength-to-weight twice that of titanium
Approximately 2-3 times the strength of traditional metals used in jewelry
Ambient room temperature feel
Dent and corrosion resistance

The key to these high-performance characteristics is the ability of Liquid metal alloys to retain a random, or "amorphous" atomic structure during solidification, unlike other metals which "crystallize" when they transition from molten to solid form. This creates a metal surface that is both exceptionally hard and scratch resistant, but can be polished to a high luster that is maintained over time. Also, the ability of Liquid metal alloys to be precision net-shape cast enables jewelry designers to create bold lines and sensual, unique shapes not easily achieved with traditional metals.


Researchers at Liquid metal Technologies and the California Institute of Technology recently have also been developing alloy variations around an emerging family of amorphous precious metals. The first of these, Liquid metal platinum, is in the early stages of commercial application in 2003. Initial product development of this unprecedented technology has amazed the most seasoned of jewelry industry designers.

Combining the best qualities of basic Liquid metal alloys with the desirability of precious metals, Liquid metal platinum offers fine jewelry makers the following advantages:

Ability to form Liquid metal platinum around a gemstone without degradation of the gem, thus greatly simplifying an often complex and time consuming process
Flexibility to introduce more intricate designs
Hardness 3-4 times greater than traditional platinum
Superior scratch and dent resistance
High luster surface finish

With properties never before found in traditional metals and super alloys, Liquid metal alloys offer the global luxury goods community a new and unprecedented material, enabling the creation of timeless and resilient jewelry pieces that encompass 21st century avant garde technology and opportunities to enhance craftsmanship, artistry and innovation that are limited only by imagination. Already, Liquid metal alloys' design capabilities and stunning finishes are altering the landscape of uniqueness and perfection in fine jewelry.

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