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Liquid metal Electronic Casings

As the demand for product "miniaturization" continues in the electronic casings industry, Liquid metal alloys enable smaller, thinner and more durable designs. Current casings technology is pushed to the limit in supporting these new designs and specifications, especially requirements for larger LCD screens, thinner wall sections and pure metallic surface finishes for products such as mobile phones, PDA's and cameras.

Liquid metal alloys possess a unique combination of performance and processing characteristics that are in many ways superior to all available high performance materials such as magnesium, aluminum, titanium and plastics, providing innovative design and manufacturing solutions to the electronic casings industry.

Key Casings Advantages:

With approximately 2.5 times the strength of commonly used titanium alloy and 1.5 times the hardness of commonly used stainless steel, Liquid metal alloys enable sophisticated, engineered designs required by the evolution of new technologies
• Enables thinner, smaller designs while providing greater protection for internal components
• Permits thinner walls while providing greater strength
• Allows larger, wider screens for expanded features and capabilities
• With precision net-shape casting, Liquid metal alloys can be readily fashioned into intricate, innovative designs resulting in a unique aesthetic advantage
• Excellent durability
• Scratch and corrosion resistant
• Non-reactive

As the demand for innovative electronic casings product designs increases worldwide, Liquid metal alloys' cutting edge materials technology is finding an ever increasing and important role in providing designers, engineers and manufacturers solutions to meet expanding customer needs. Liquid metal alloys combine the processing and cost advantages of competing technologies and performance characteristics that exceed current super alloys which position Liquid metal alloys in the forefront of many design centers around the globe.

What is Liquid Metal?

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